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Latest on Aleister Black’s WWE status


Latest on Aleister Black’s WWE status

Many people are wondering what is going on with Aleister Black and WWE right now.

Of course, his wife, Zelina Vega, was fired due to breaching her contract by opening up an OnlyFans account. It was reported last week that Black had suggested going back to WWE NXT, but nobody seemed interested when he did so.

On today’s episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer was asked about the impact of Vega’s firing on Black, who joined various wrestlers that Paul Heyman was high on when he was the Raw Executive Director. Black, Andrade, and Angel Garza were not being featured on the Survivor Series card.

“He feels like he’s been forgotten about. That was not because of Zelina, it just felt like that was already the case. His big thing, he was a big Paul Heyman guy. When Paul Heyman got dumped I think I said the two people who were going to be hurt the most are Andrade and Black. If you’re not even in the battle royal and you’re like a middle guy…I would say like for Black right now, he’s forgotten about and it doesn’t look good.”

Meltzer brought up Black seeking to go back to NXT before stating, “the people in charge now don’t see anything in him, it appears. It’s tough, he’s a talented guy.

Meltzer recalled how back in January, Heyman had two stars in mind to win the Royal Rumble and to go face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36 to beat him for the WWE Title and that was Drew McIntyre and Black. The idea was for McIntyre to win the title while also protecting Black.

“When Paul Heyman got dumped, I knew it wouldn’t be long until Black was jobbing or disappearing.”