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Lance Storm Compares AEW To “Pineapple On A Pizza”


Lance Storm Compares AEW To “Pineapple On A Pizza”

AEW, which was established in early 2019, already has a loyal fanbase that truly believes the new wrestling company offers a superior alternative to WWE. Although AEW has done well to create a niche for itself, a lot of WWE fans are not enamored by its product, which often leads to the fanbases butting heads on social media.

Earlier on Saturday, pro wrestling legend Lance Storm chimed in with an interesting analogy on Twitter, comparing AEW to “pineapple on a pizza” which is typically an acquired taste that few pizza lovers enjoy.

Storm tweeted, “I’ve concluded today that AEW is like pineapple on a pizza. Those who don’t like it actually get mad at people who do and try to convince them to stop enjoying something they like. Man shrugging.”

Through a few more tweets, Storm saidhe had no interest in debating with wrestling fans who don’t agree with his analogy.

“Much like the pineapple debate, I have no interest in hearing your stance on my analogy either.”

“Enjoy it or don’t and move along with your life,” he wrote.

Interestingly, former WCW Commentator Mark Madden presented the opposite end of the argument and felt AEW fans don’t like to hear any criticism of the product either.

“The opposite is true, too. A lot of AEW supporters go ballistic if you criticize even a small fraction of the product. Wrestling has become tribal, just like everything else,” he wrote.

As noted, the viewership numbers for this week’s AEW Dynamite and NXT have been delayed due to the Thanksgiving holiday. They are expected to be released on Monday.