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Konnan Talks AEW Shooting Down Marijuana Reference During Inner Circle Las Vegas Segment


Konnan Talks AEW Shooting Down Marijuana Reference During Inner Circle Las Vegas Segment

A few weeks ago on AEW Dynamite, The Inner Circle traveled to Las Vegas to celebrate the additions of the newest members to the faction, MJF and Wardlow. During the segment titled The Inner Circle Slays Las Vegas, Santana and Ortiz said they knew “just the guy” if the gang was ready to take the party to “the next level.” That’s when Konnan made a brief appearance and said, “I always got the best stuff and I know exactly what you need.”

Fans then saw the Inner Circle pile out of a limo with smoke pillowing from it. Konnan recently revealed that the original plan was for Inner Circle to acknowledge that they were smoking marijuana inside the vehicle. However, they did not make any reference to pot due to the presence of “a legal girl from the Jacksonville Jaguars,” according to Konnan on his Keeping’ It 100 podcast.

Konnan said [h/t/], “If we are opening up a limo and smoke is coming out, what do you think we are doing in there, roasting marshmallows? I will give Chris credit. He tried.

“We tried to do the roll up sign. We tried to have a blunt. We tried to say ‘blaze one.’ Bro, they had a legal girl there from the Jacksonville Jaguars and they’re like ‘no, no, no, no.’ So finally I just said, ‘why don’t I just say I always have the best stuff.’ … We couldn’t do none of that but Chris did try. He did try to push the envelope because he even goes, ‘what is that you do, Iranian tobacco? Say that, your fans will know.'”

Konnan added, “When they were shooting with Jericho, they [Inner Circle] kept insisting I have drinks. Who am I to say no? They kept insisting I smoke. Why would I say no?”

The former WCW star also gave props to AEW for its production quality and for treating him “very well” during his guest appearance on Dynamite.

“Let me tell you, I was very impressed because you don’t know what to expect until you work with somebody and everything they do is very first class. I had to sign a million things just to do that scene and get COVID testing and they had a lawyer there. They do everything by the book. Their level of professionalism is very high. I was treated very well. They had me at a nice hotel, everything was very cool. Kudos to them on that.”

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