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Konnan says Pat Patterson saved his job with WWE after almost getting into a fight with the Nasty Boys


Konnan says Pat Patterson saved his job with WWE after almost getting into a fight with the Nasty Boys

During the latest episode of “Keeping It 100,” Konnan talked about the passing of WWE Hall Of Famer Pat Patterson.

Konnan was briefly signed to a WWE contract in the early 90s to play the Max Moon gimmick and he didn’t spend a lot of time there but he did note that he does have some history with Patterson.

“I do have a little bit of history with Pat,” Konnan said. “When I was in WCW, Jim Ross was going to put me and Brian Pillman together as a team. I think Ole (Anderson) had left and they were going to bring in a new booker. I don’t know if it was Dusty or Ric that was going to be the new booker.  While I was waiting for that, Pat Patterson called me and he had to have got my number from Red Bastien. He told me if I could come down to WWE and check it out but I really wasn’t that interested because I grew up an NWA fan. I was kind of marking out that I was going to be in the NWA and I was going to be with Pillman who I actually liked a lot at that time.”

Konnan says he eventually accepted the invitation from WWE and they hired him on the same day Paul Bearer was hired, which would have been sometime in early 1991.

“Basically, Pat Patterson called me and he wanted me to go in. At first, I didn’t want to go and he kept calling me. He said they were going to pick me up in a limo and I thought that was very classy so I went. The same day I got hired, Paul Bearer got hired. He was in the same limo with me.  He was called Percy Pringle at that time. I remember he didn’t even get to go in and see Vince. He stayed in the lobby and they said he’s hired. I went in and talked to Vince. I gave him the Max Moon idea and we got along great.

Konnan continued, “Pat always looked out for me. I went out there and I was trained in Mexico so I didn’t know how to wrestle American style so people were looking at me like what the f**k is going on with this guy. Pat said to Vince that he thinks he needs to bring in Luchadores because he doesn’t know how to wrestle American style. Vince, to his credit, did bring in Luchadores so I could have Lucha matches. He (Patterson) was just a great guy. The one thing I liked about him is that he was old school, ‘50s, always dapper. He wasn’t afraid to rock a really nice suit with a carnation. He was always elegant and classy. He was a really nice guy. He really did look out for me because I almost got into a fight with one of the Nasty Boys and he came and talked to me and said if this does go down, you’re going to get fired.”

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