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Kevin Sullivan says “it must be political” why Konnan is not in the WWE Hall Of Fame


Kevin Sullivan says “it must be political” why Konnan is not in the WWE Hall Of Fame

This week on the “Taskmaster Talks” podcast, Kevin Sullivan and John Poz talk about Konnan and the luchadores that were part of WCW in the late 1990s.

Sullivan discussed Konann’s impact on WCW and the wrestling business in general. He also talks about Rey Mysterio, Juventud Guerrera, La Parka, Super Calo, and many others who were part of WCW programming at the time.

Referee Scott Dickinson talked about his days as a ref and being paired with Chris Jericho in WCW. He said, “I was there from the end of ‘96 and with the exception of about 10 weeks when Eric Bischoff decided I needed to lose some weight and sent me home to lose 25 pounds and came back, until late ‘99. I knew I was overweight, but there were other people there in a similar situation. I think because I had a full-time job with the post office, because I wasn’t going to be out of a job, they sent me home as an example more than anything. But, I can’t tell what Eric was thinking at the time.

Chris knew he was leaving at that point. He was in an angle with Perry Saturn. It was by accident I was put into that (being the heel ref for Jericho). For whatever reason, Terry Taylor was more in charge at the time. He decided that if anybody was going to get bumped as a referee, it was going to be me because I wasn’t going to be on the road. I was going to go back home to work for the post office during the week and come back the next week. It was weird that I fell into that because it was actually going to be Brady Boone originally.

Unfortunately, and I was already in the angle before it happened, but unfortunately, Brady died in a car accident fairly early into that. But, it had already been changed by that point, so it wasn’t because of that. Terry decided one week that Perry had bumped me after a match, I think with Glacier if I remember right. Terry said I was going to turn heel and it turned into the Jericho-Saturn deal.”

Sullivan gave major praise to Konnan and said he should be in the WWE Hall Of Fame: “He had the first Triplemania. He took over Mexico. I think one of the tragedies of wrestling is that he is not in the Hall of Fame, not just as a performer, but as a very smart guy. I don’t understand how any major company doesn’t have him. How he is not in the Hall of Fame is beyond me. It must be political.”

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