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Kevin Sullivan recalls the infamous fast count during Sting vs. Hulk Hogan match at Starrcade 1997


Kevin Sullivan recalls the infamous fast count during Sting vs. Hulk Hogan match at Starrcade 1997

Kevin Sullivan reviewed Starrcade 1997 on the latest “TaskMaster Talks” podcast.

In the main event, Hulk Hogan was supposed to get a fast count on Sting from referee Nick Patrick. Bret Hart would then come down to reverse the decision. Nick Patrick counted normally to three and controversy has surrounded this as to why and how this happened. Sullivan was asked what happened?

Sullivan responded: “When you work with a referee, you know what his cadence is. The only people who know what happened are Hogan and Nick. It was supposed to be a quick count (then Bret comes down as described above). Things would spill into the floor and the NWO would come out and WCW would go off the air with this crazy thing.”

Sullivan was asked if he ever asked Nick Patrick what happened. Sullivan responded, “Of course I asked him but he said he (Sting) didn’t kick out.”

Sullivan was asked why Nick Patrick didn’t do the fast count or did he think that was a fast count? Sullivan said, “I could explain it 12 different ways but he said he counted fast. You and I have been talking about this since ‘97 and he doesn’t think he counted fast. So, I have to think Nick must have had a good year at the end of the year. Something definitely went haywire.”

Sullivan was told that Nick Patrick has said before that there was a miscommunication. He was asked, “Was there a miscommunication? You’re the booker. You are laying it out. Unless he is saying Hogan told him something different than you told him.”

Sullivan said, “He (Patrick) knew what the finish was, yet there was a miscommunication? If I wasn’t sure of the finish of the title match in front of the biggest show we ever had, I said, can you explain that to me again? Miscommunication with who?”

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