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Ken Shamrock Reveals Which WWE Hall Of Famer Is His Dream Match


Ken Shamrock Reveals Which WWE Hall Of Famer Is His Dream Match

Ken Shamrock was a recent guest on The Angle Podcast and gave his thoughts on stars like Kurt Angle and Jake Hager using his signature Ankle Lock submission maneuver. Shamrock was complimentary of both stars, saying they both have great minds and he takes it as a compliment every time he sees it being used.

“All of those guys have great minds,” Shamrock said. “They know how to set that up and put it on at the right time to make the crowd pop. It’s not easy to do. It’s a shoot move, so it’s not something that’s easy to do. If these guys want to do it and learn it they have to just do it and do it live. Hats off to them. People always ask if I’m upset that they’re using my move. How do you get upset about that? Somebody always does it first. All that is, is basically a compliment saying, like being in the hall of fame, will be remembered forever.”

Shamrock had previously been asked whether or not he’s been considering retirement given he is 56-years old and he said he plans to keep going as long as he’s improving. He also revealed he doesn’t want to hinder himself or his performance by allowing thoughts of retirement to slow him down.

“That’s where – I think that’s the first drop-off,” Shamrock said. “It’s when you start thinking about it, because that’s what happened with Daniel Cormier. There’s no doubt in mind that if DC goes into that fight with no retirement in his mind – and I know he’ll disagree and I know a lot of fans will too, but he doesn’t lose that fight. I don’t think he loses that fight, but I just believe that there’s something that goes off in your head when you see the finish line. It’s not the same thing as if you’re in the race and you sprint for it. It’s different because I think you ease up because you’re not looking to finish for a trophy, you’re not looking to cross that for a trophy or for the next step.”

“You’re looking to cross that line to slow down,” Shamrock added. “Just slow down in life, and I think when that starts to come into your mind and you start thinking about it, and you make an announcement before you actually fight, you’ve basically, I think, handcuffed yourself because now you’re telling the other guy you’re not getting a rematch. So, I’m just going and I’m gonna give it all because I ain’t gonna let him do a walk off here and be the heel of it, and so you’re throwing gasoline onto a fire now, saying, ‘I’m gonna beat you, and I’m gonna walk off and leave you holding all the regret,’ and that adds fuel to him. And in your own mind, you’re saying, ‘Well, I’m done.’ I thought when you start thinking – and people keep bringing up to me all the time. ‘What do you think that is?’ It’s like, I have no idea. I don’t, and when that happens, I’ll know it and that’s the time when everybody else will. I don’t know. So, right now, every day I’m going to get better; I’m going to improve until I can’t.”

Shamrock went on to say he would like to have a match with Goldberg before he hangs it up for good. He also mentioned that he feels confident that match will happen.

“In wrestling that’s a real easy one for me,” Shamrock said. “It’s Goldberg. I felt that his character meshed well with who I am and he worked pretty stiff. Unfortunately he was in the other in the other company, but I have confidence that one day we can get that one done. I think his style with mine would be a really good match.”

Shamrock will be inducted into the Impact Wrestling Hall Of Fame this weekend and during the course of his interview, he mentioned one of his greatest accomplishments of his life and career is losing his family to get to the position he wanted to be.

“Something I was really excited to do and that will never change and getting the credit for it because there were a lot of sacrifices I had to make to be able to be in the position and to achieve those goals, I lost my first family,” Shamrock admitted. “I was busy training and trying to get to where I wanted to be.”

You can see the full interview in the video above.