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Kanako Murata Always Destined To Be A Fighter


Kanako Murata Always Destined To Be A Fighter

Now, in a new environment, and with a newly-found appreciation for what she does for a living, Murata is ready to face the vastly-experienced Randa Markos, who replaced Brazil’s Livinha Souza, who pulled out of the bout due to injury.  

You get one chance to make a good first impression, and in the Octagon, the most formidable battleground in the sport, with the world watching, the judgement starts from the walkout.

“I plan to walk out with a new mask and put on a performance that will surprise everybody, so please look forward to my performance.”

Murata is aiming to remain in the W column and to claim her 12th career win, but knows that in the aftermath, her post-fight plans may be dictated to her by Sakuraba.

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“When I made my Invicta debut, I asked Sakuraba san for permission to use his walkout song. He approved but under two conditions. To win and to take him to a club in Japan. I haven’t fulfilled my second condition yet, but I am sure he hasn’t forgotten.”