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Jon Moxley returns to AEW on Dynamite Wednesday night –


AEW has posted the video of Jon Moxley’s return to AEW on Wednesday night, which you can watch above.

Moxley had been away from AEW for three months due to entering an inpatient alcohol treatment last November.

There seems to be is a lot of buzz and talk on the internet as it pertains to Jon Moxley dropping the F-Bomb on Wednesday night.

Below is the excerpt of Moxley’s return taken from Josh Boutwell’s AEW Dynamite recap.

Jon Moxley makes his way to the ring to a thunderous pop. This is first appearance in AEW since October when he entered rehab for alcoholism treatment. Moxley soaks in the cheers from the crowd as he gets in the ring and a “welcome back” chant erupts. Moxley tells a fan heckling to go “fuck yourself” and tells security to kick him out. Moxley tells a story about how a few months ago he woke up on a plane with no idea where he was and talks about a dream he had of a demon falling him. He says that demon has been following him around his entire life and it taunted him asking if he really thought he was going to “get out.”

Moxley says he has more scars than the average person but more important is the scars on the inside. He says sometimes people try to cover up those scars but he says those are the scars that give us strength and we should be proud of those scars. He says no one was perfect and says that no one should be afraid to stand up in front of the world and say “this is me” as he flips off the camera.

Moxley says he knows there are plenty of people around the world that wanted to write him off and that doubt him but he’ll tell them the same thing he told the demon following him, “you can shove all that shit up my ass.” He says he doesn’t run from demons, he beats the shit out of them. Moxley thanks everyone, fans and everyone in his life, that had his back and says he is going on a pilgrimage in AEW in 2022 and grab wrestling by the balls.

He says more than anyone else has ever been he is truly free now. He says he’s been to hell and there is no hell that could be put upon him in the ring that he hasn’t gone through already. Moxley says if you thought he was dangerous before, he’s more thirsty than ever and all he drinks is blood now.