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JBL is among the people on WWE’s “do not touch” list


JBL is among the people on WWE’s “do not touch” list

Arn Anderson took some more questions from fans in a Q&A edition of “ARN” on Arn covered questions about his in-ring career and his time working behind-the-scenes in WWE.

Arn talked about going through airport security with the NWA TV Title belt. He said, “If you look back on it now with today’s standards, post 9/11, you never checked the bag that had the belt. You put it in your work bag. You never checked your work bag when you were flying. You carried it on.

Obviously in security, they would have to open your bag and see what this chunk of metal was. I find it amusing that many times, they would say, ‘That’s the TV belt, that’s the Enforcer’s belt.’ I would say, ‘Well hey, wrap it around you. Try it on.’ You had the entire security team trying on the belt and getting pictures taken.

Bin Laden could have walked through security behind us and they never would have had a clue. They would completely abandon their post. I’m looking behind me and people are walking through security. Nobody is checking anybody for anything. There was the biggest uproar for that television title you’ve ever seen.”

There were rumors of a WWE “Do not touch list” that was put in place after Jerry Lawler had the heart attack on air. Arn was asked if such a list existed, and if so, who were on it?

Arn said, “It did and believe it or not, one of the names on the list was JBL. I think he came back from an injury at some point and was doing commentary. He was on that list. The announcers were on that list. It was a very real list. I can’t remember all that was on it.”

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