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Jade Cargill On How Serena Deeb Has Been A Huge Help To Her


Jade Cargill On How Serena Deeb Has Been A Huge Help To Her

On a recent episode of the AEW Unrestricted podcast, newly signed AEW talent Jade Cargill joined Aubrey Edwards and Tony Schiavone to talk about her in-ring style and her wrestling influences. Cargill said former WWE Women’s Champion Chyna was a big influence on her because of their similar physiques, and she talked about how watching her gave her a lot of self-confidence in her life.

“Growing up, I’ve always been muscular,” Cargill noted. “And I used to always get picked on by guys saying, ‘oh, she looks like this. She looks like a man. She’s too muscular,’ and I remember growing up and watching Chyna and seeing how she just embodied. And I just loved how she looked, and it just did nothing but empower me and make me say ‘you know what, I look good. These muscles look great,’ and she’s the one that started my journey with wrestling.

“I would literally go out on the front yard and fight the guys because they would never want to wrestle with me because I was a girl, and I would get a bloody nose [and] skinned knees because they didn’t want to wrestle with me. And I would have to one-up them and make them want to wrestle me. I was that girl growing up.

Cargill has made her AEW Dynamite debut but has not wrestled in the ring yet on television. She talked about her in-ring style, comparing herself to Nyla Rosa, but expressed an openness to try some high-flying moves.

“I’m not a top-rope person. If I can do that stuff, I would, but if anything, I’m the person that would be doing the throwing,” Cargill described. “I’m more of a person that’s very dominant, and you’ll feel my presence more than you see it. I’m more of a Nyla Rose. I’m very strong. I’m not a grappler or anything like that; I’ll just pick you up and bodyslam you. Trust me, if I can do top rope things, I would probably do it every blue moon. I want to work on it. So, let’s just see how that develops. I’m still very new at the business, clearly. So let’s just see how that goes. I would love to do it though. I’m all for a new things.”

She admitted that she gets scared for teams like Top Flight when they do dives. She reiterated her desire to try some high-flying moves, but later noted that Dustin Rhodes helps her with her strengths.

“Well I think Top Flight [and Private] Party, I can’t do the top rope things. I can’t jump off and give you a drop,” Cargill said. “I will not do that. It’s very frightening for me, and I can just imagine what goes through their head as they’re about to land. Half the time I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh. I hope they land. Oh my gosh. Oh no.’ I get afraid for them and I’m on the sidelines, but it’s something I wouldn’t have a problem with trying once.”

Schiavone asked Cargill what her goals are in AEW. She expressed her desire to go after the AEW Women’s Championship, and he talked about how NWA Women’s Champion Serena Deeb has been a big help to her also.

“I’m going for that belt,” Cargill stated. “That’s the only way to go. I’m going for that belt. I’m very confident, and working with people like Serena Deeb, she’s really helped me out along the way with just her experience. I love wrestling with her, and every time I wrestle with her, I feel like I’m getting better. She talks me through things. She calms me down, and she’s really showing me the way through wrestling. I love it. [She’s] very nice. She’s the first one to come in and speak to everybody and the last one to make sure everybody’s okay before she leaves. She’s an awesome person. She has great energy.”

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