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Indie Wrestling Veteran RJ Meyer Losing Battle With Leukemia


Indie Wrestling Veteran RJ Meyer Losing Battle With Leukemia

Lio Rush tweeted out a very sad message today. His heart is breaking because his trainer, RJ Meyer is losing his battle with leukemia. He has fought this battle since discovering the diagnosis in March.

Meyer is an indie wrestling veteran from Maryland who is very close to everyone involved with MCW, as well as countless other companies. His work on the indies helped influence so many who went on to have prosperous careers.

The Man of the Hour sent out a short message along with a screenshot which detailed the terrible situation.

My trainer is losing his battle with Leukemia and it is absolutely killing me. Please say a prayer for him and his family today.

A GoFundMe is also open for anyone who would like to help during this time. The description on his GoFundMe page reveals how tragic and sudden this news was.

On March 11th, RJ went to the doctor after feeling poorly for a couple of weeks.  Initially, he attributed the bruises, aches & pains and fatigue to his wrestling match at the end of February.  However, blood work revealed that his illness was not due to wrestling but to leukemia, specifically, Acute Myeloid Leukemia, or AML. He was then transferred to University of Maryland Medical Center to begin treatment. 

The GoFundMe account was set up by those who will ensure that Meyer and his family receive all money. If you can help, the link can be found here.

Our thoughts are with everyone involved in this incredible sad situation, and we continue hoping for the best.