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Impact Bound For Glory Results: Eric Young Vs. Rich Swann, Multiple Title Changes


Impact Bound For Glory Results: Eric Young Vs. Rich Swann, Multiple Title Changes

Welcome to’s live coverage of Impact Wrestling Bound for Glory at Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. Join us for live coverage, beginning at 7 pm ET for the Pre-Show, main card starts at 8 pm ET! The PPV is available on FITE and traditional PPV.

– Jon Burton, Madison Rayne, and D’Lo Brown are tonight’s Pre-Show panelists. The group hype the PPV and talk about Rich Swann trying to overcome his injury to beat Impact World Champion Eric Young.

– Video package shown of the rivalry between Swann and Young.

– Earlier today, Eric Young arrives to the building.

– Bret Hart sends a video to give congrats to Ken Shamrock for his induction. Bret called him a pioneer for his MMA to pro wrestling transition. Hart called Shamrock a throwback to some of the older legends of wrestling. Hart brings up getting a call from Shamrock after the Montreal Screwjob and how much he appreciated the support. He continued that Ken was a pro in and outside of the ring, noting that no one else is more deserving of being in the Hall of Fame.

– Rich Swann shows up to the venue for his big match.

– Panel talks about Impact Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo vs. Kylie Rae. Rayne says she hasn’t been so excited for a match like this in a long time. Brown agrees, and both believe Deonna is leaving as champion.

– Hype video for Rae and Purrazzo is shown. Rae feels like Purrazzo is underestimating her. She doesn’t know why thing to so personal, but she is just coming for that title. Purrazzo believes Rae lacks focus, intensity, and can’t separate her emotions from her decisions.

– Backstage, Purrazzo (with Kimber Lee) is asked if she’s ready for tonight’s match. She laughs at the question and says of course she is and that she fully plans on pulling her arm out of her shoulder.

– WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley sends a video in for Ken Shamrock. Foley says he was always flattered to work for him. Thought it was amazing how hard Shamrock worked, when he could have come into WWE and not have done that.

– Bas Rutton, Ariel Helwani, and Chael Sonnen all send congrats to Ken Shamrock.

– Matt Striker and Don Callis calling the action for the first match.

The Rascalz vs. The Deaners

Jake drops Wentz quickly, tags in Cody, but Wentz fights them off. Dez tagged in and the two use their agility at first, but Jake launches Wentz into Dez. The two are out to the floor, Jake looks for a suicide dive and eats a kick. Cody dumped out to the floor, Wentz with a splash out to the floor. Jake up to the top rope, Dez stops him and tries for a superplex, but doesn’t have much luck until Wentz gets involved. Cody joins in and double powerbombs both opponents.

Jake hits a flying headbutt, cover, and Dez breaks it up. Cody takes a flurry of strikes from The Rascalz. Jake then eats a superkick then a ripcord knee. Jake avoid a double team moved. TQG (modified assisted side slam) on Dez, cover, and that will do it.

Winners: The Deaners via Pinfall

– Hype video for tonight’s tag title match: Motor City Machine Guns defending against The Good Brother, Ace Austin & Madman Fulton, and The North.

– The Good Brothers say they are all about the business tonight. Karl Anderson says there’s one set of tag titles that have eluded them, but they are winning them tonight. Gallows says they already know they are the best tag team in the world, but they left that trophy in the sand in a country far away.

– Matt Striker introduces The Rock who will induct Ken Shamrock. Rock, via video, spoke about Ken Shamerock. Rock has said when he thinks back on big moments in his career, especially early on, is Ken Shamrock. Rock says he was cutting his teeth as a heel and in order for him to be the best bad guy he could be, he needed the best good guy (and badass) who could up his street credit — that was Shamrock. Rock noted Shamrock could have said no to working with a newer wrestler, but he didn’t (when others did). Rock said he had tremendous matches with Shamrock around the world. Talks about Ken going from MMA to pro wrestling. Talks about Ken being a big part of the Attitude Era. Calls him his brother, an awesome dude when he really needed it, and to enjoy his induction into the Impact Hall of Fame.

Back to Striker, who introduces Ken Shamrock and welcomes him to the hall of fame. Shamrock says it hits his heart to see the videos sent in to him tonight. Shamrock says it was a long journey and there was a lot of people who helped him along the way. Shamrock talked about getting started with fighting, he thanks Vince McMahon about getting a shot in WWE, which helped mold the wrestler he is today. He said Bret Hart helped him with his character and told him just to be himself and “The World’s Most Dangerous Man.” Shamrock spoke about The Rock and how they sharpened their skills ets together. He thanked Rock for his induction speech. He also gave thanks to his family, and his wife’s patience with how much he was away. Shamrock says without the fans, athletes couldn’t do what they do, so big thanks to them.

– Hype video for EC3 vs. Moose.

– Panelists make their picks for the other matches on tonight’s PPV as the Pre-Show ends.

– Video package for tonight’s main card matches.

– Josh Mathews joins commentary with Don Callis.

Rohit Raju (c) vs. Chris Bey vs. Jordynne Grace vs. Trey vs. TJP vs. Willie Mack (Impact X-Division Championship)

Raju tries to leave right off the bat, but doesn’t get far. Everybody goes to work with some in the ring and others on the floor. Trey with a missile dropkick on TJP, he goes out to the floor. Trey focuses on Bey, lands a dropkick to the back, thrust kick to the face. Raju runs in, takes a few kicks though and runs to the floor. Mack gets in the ring, arm drag, flying shoulder, and out goes Trey. Grace runs in and throws some shoulder tackles, she finally throws a big one that puts Mack down, cover, two.

Mack with a big power slam on Grace. TJP back in there, works the legs of Mack. Triple submission happens with all of the challengers, with Raju just looking on. He eventually kicks and punches everyone. Raju really controlling the ring right now, clothesline on Grace, stomps away on her and throws Grace to the mat. Raju sends Trey back to the floor and keep his focus on Grace. Suplex, cover, one-count. Grace gets pulled out of the ring by Mack, pop-up forearm on Raju, and he goes out to the floor. Mack with some big shots, huge roundhouse kick on Bey.

Raju tries to find help in the ring, but ends up getting hit one-by-one from each challenger. Mack with a standing moonsault, cover, and it’s broken up. Mack flips out on a couple people. Trey looks to fly, TJP stops him and puts him up on his shoulders on the apron. Bey dropkicks Trey and he flips down on a group of people. Back in the ring, Bey kicks away at Trey. Bey then leaps down on some more wrestlers. Raju with a flying knee on TJP, cover, two. TJP counters with a pin of his own, Grace breaks it up. She charges into the corner and whacks Trey in the face. She heads to the top rope, Bey drops her and she’s in the tree of woe position. Grace ends up doing an assisted suplex/powerbomb move that sends three wrestlers to the mat. Raju with a double stomp on Grace, cover, broken up.

Mack hits a stunner on Raju. Bey with a second rope cutter on Mack. Trey with a double stomp to the back. TJP locks in an octopus stretch. Grace gets tripped up into a modified knee bar. Trey tries to broke it up and ends up getting locked into it. Grace gets to her feet and hits a senton. Grace driver on TJP, Raju breaks it up, but gets sent back out. Grace goes up top and gets thrown off down on Mack. TJP hits a top rope splash on Trey, Raju with a big kick to TJP’s face, and pins Trey to retain.

Winner: Rohit Raju via Pinfall

– Commentary runs down tonight’s remaining matches.

– Wrestle House Wedding tonight between John E. Bravo and Rosemary. Jimmy Jacobs calls for people to head out if they are in the “Call Your Shot” Battle Royal. A bunch of people head out. Heath asks Rhino if he’s ready to win tonight. Rhino asks to restart the segment (We’re live pal, lol!) Heath gets Rhino hyped up for tonight’s match, if he or Rhino wins, then Heath gets a full-time contract, if neither win then Rhino is fired and Heath is gone for good.

Call Your Shot Battle Royal

Winner receives a future title shot of their choosing. Rhino or Heath wins, Heath gets a full-time contract. If neither win, both are out of the company. A returning Shawn Daivari and Rhino get things started. Rhino off to a fast start, both end up on the floor (they went through the middle rope) and brawl a bit before getting back to the ring. Rhino attempts to toss Daivari as Larry D enters the match. Larry goes right after Rhino and puts him down, big splash. Crazzy Steve is next into the match. Steve goes after Larry, throws some shots, bites his head, and tries to get him out of the match. Daivari stops that elimination.

Acey Romero heads into the ring and can team up with his tag partner, Larry D. They double splash Steve. Tenille Dashwood enters next, but is not in any hurry to enter the ring. She sends Kaleb with a K in next. Havok enters next, she gets right in there and throws some bombs. She then hits a headscissors on Romero. Kalib takes a powerbomb by Havok, and he’s sent out. Tenille finally gets in the ring and goes after Havok. Brian Myers joined the match. Crazzy Steve is eliminated as Swoggle enters the match.

Daivari gets assisted dropkick out of the match by Swoggle, Myers then throws Swoggle out of the match. Dreamer out next with Road Warrior Animal paint and haircut as a tribute. Swoggle gets back into the match and does a mini-doomsday with Dreamer on Myers. Alisha Edwards enters next. Myers pops Dream and sends him out of the match. Edwards cracks Myers with a kendo stick. He lifts her up and tosses her out to the floor.

Kiera Hogan in next. Myers starts taking selfies with Dashwood, picks her up for a photo, then dumps her out on Kaleb for the elimination. Taya Valkyrie enters next and chops a bunch of guys. She yells loudly, dodges a double splash, double hip attack, running knee strike on Larry D. Fallah Bahh joins the match. Hogan sent to the apron, then shoved off by Havok down on Tasha Steelz, who ends up crashing into a garbage can. That didn’t look planned. James Storm joins the match. He spits beer in Romero’s face, kick to Larry D. Neckbreaker / DDT combo on both guys. Storm ends up sending Larry out of the match, then hits a backstabber on Bahh. Storm tries for a powerslam on Romero, no luck there. Adam Thornstowe out next, and then the other member of Reno scum joins the match.

Heath enters next and sends Romero out. He tosses Myers out next. Sami Callihan enters the match. Hernandex joins next. Heath looks to be hurt as he’s been down for a bit. Referee talking to him as he’s in the corner. Bahh gets eliminated, Hernandez leaves, too? Heath is back up, but looks to be in pain. Rhino gets rid of Reno Scum. Down to the final four: Heath, Rhino, Storm, and Callihan.

They all start swinging away. Storm superkicked by Callihan, and is sent out. Heath is eliminated by Callihan. It’s down to Rhino and Callihan in a singles match. Piledriver by Callihan on Rhino, cover, two-count. Callihan goes out and gets a chair, he is told to put the chair down. Referee hands it off to someone, Sami looks over, for whatever reason, Rhino hits a gore! Cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Rhino wins and receives a future title shot.

– Backstage, The North talks about their upcoming title match and taking back the tag titles.

ECW vs. Moose

This bout is taking place from an undisclosed location and is a cinematic match. Moose drives to meet EC3. We see EC3 beating up some poor guy in the ring. Moose heads into the building, looking EC3. He gets into the ring, calling for EC3, and he eventually makes his way into the ring. They face-off for a moment and then start throwing shots. EC3 hits an overhead release suplex as some 80s new wave music plays in the background.

EC3 beats Moose up some more in the corner. Moose returns fire, throwing a lowblow, and eventually busts open his opponent. EC3 seems to be laughing as Moose grabs a chair. Moose asks why EC3 he’s been tormenting him. Moose goes to throw a chairshot, but EC3 takes him down and acts wildly over him. He calls for MOose and takes a kick to the face. EC3 fights back and tells Moose he’s becoming who he’s supposed to be. He continues that he’s taking everything from Moose. He picks up the TNA Title and says it means everything. He tells Moose to become a killer, a wrestling god, then he can hold the title and be called a champion.

He says Moose is nothing and goes to put him away, but has some weird flashback. Stunned for a moment, Moose hits him a with a spear. Moose then asks EC3 if the title is what he wants and smacks him in the face with it. Moose asks EC3 if this is what he wants, and bashes him in the face a bunch. He finally asks EC3 if this is what he wants, EC3 yells “yes!” The crowd around the ring yells for “Moose!” EC3 does Moose’s taunt, Moose then spears him again and EC3 stays down for good. Moose looks at his title as EC3’s minions pull him out of the ring.

Winner: Moose (?) via knockout

Ken Shamrock with Sami Callihan vs. Eddie Edwards

Shamrock goes to work on Edwards, keeping him grounded to the mat. Shamrock traps Edwards arm and throws some shots to the face. Shamrock is looking for submission, but Edwards works Shamrock’s arm to get full guard. He throws a few shots, but Shamrock is able to go for Edwards’ ankle. They both get up and Shamrock throws some kicks and punches. More strikes send Edwards down to the floor. Shamrock comes out, throws a shot to the back, shot to the face, then some knees to the face.

Back in the ring, Shamrock continues to throw big strikes, knee to the face, kick to the head. Edwards finally able to get some offensive in this match, modified dragon screw leg whips, basement dropkick, sending Shamrock to the floor. Edwards with a suicide dive on Callihan and Shamrock. Edwards heads up top, missile dropkick, cover, two-count. Edwards with a sit-down powerbomb, two-count, Shamrock goes for a cross armbreaker. Edwards is able to roll Shamrock for a two-count. Edwards with a kick, then a running elbow that drops Shamrock.

Edwards hit the backpack stunner. Shamrock sits up and locks in a rear naked choke. Edwards with a headbutt to counter, then throws another one. Edwards looking for the boston knee party, hits it, goes for the single leg boston crab. Callihan up on the apron and turns out the lights. Lights back on, Callihan has the baseball bat that he smacked Edwards with a few years ago. Edwards also has his kendo stick, knocks Callihan out of the ring with it. Shamrock with a belly-to-belly suplex, ankle lock on Edwards, and he taps out!

Winner: Ken Shamrock via Submission

– Eric Young and Rich Swann getting prepared backstage for their main event title match.

The Motor City Machine Guns (c) vs. The Good Brothers vs. Madman Fulton and Ace Austin vs. The North (Impact World Tag Team Championship)

Match hasn’t started yet and The North attack the champions right off the bat. Alexander gives a piledriver to Alex Shelley on the stage and he’s out. He’s knocked out and they apparently don’t have a stretcher as a group of people drag him to the back. Chris Sabin decides to stay in the match without a partner. He runs into the ring and swings away at Page. He tries to fight off The North.

Austin gets into the match, beats up Sabin a bit. He brings in Fulton, who stands on the second rope and just chokes Sabin. Fulton then gets on the top rope and stomps down on him. Fulton with an inverted atomic drop and big boot. Alexander tags Fulton out and works over Sabin. Page in there now, working over Sabin. Alexander tries for a moonsault, nobody home. Fulton tags himself in and throws Sabin into the turnbuckle.

Austin and Fulton with some double team moves on Sabin, cover, Page breaks it up. Fulton with a delayed vertical suplex. Sabin is able to fight off Fulton and Austin, throwing a big DDT to Fulton. Sabin is able to land a DDT and finally get tagged out of the match. Sabin lands a dropkick on Anderson, then hits Gallows out on the floor. Sabin up top again, crossbody on Anderson, he rolls through, two-count.

Anderson and Sabin battle in the ring. Austin with a quick tag, tries for a splash, but eats a dropkick in midair. Sabin lands a few kicks on the apron, then hits a senton down on Alexander. Sabin tries to put Austin away, drives him to the mat, cover, Page stops that, but it then sent out to the floor. Sabin heads to the top, Austin stops him. Sabin tags Anderson back in, he drops The North. Gallows comes in and helps out. Austin with a springboard kick on Gallows, then a dropkick, sending him out to the floor. Austin and Fulton work over Anderson. Karl hits a flying neckbreak on Alexander. Magic killer on Alexander, no, Gallows sent to the floor. Alexander tries for the cutter, no. Anderson tries for the roll-up, gets shoved to the ropes, Page with the quick shot to the head with the title. Alexander covers, 1-2-3.

Winners: The North via Pinfall

Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Kylie Rae (Impact Knockouts Championship)

Madison Rayne joins commentary for this match. Kylie Rae’s music plays, but nobody comes out. Purrazzo laughs and says she’s been telling this tale for awhile about Rae, and isn’t surprised. Purrazzo says she’ll face anyone, man or woman. Su Yung’s music then hits and she’s back! Commentary says nobody knows what happened to Kylie Rae. The two battle back and forth, eventually ending up on the apron. Yung throws some big shots and hits a side suplex on the apron to the champion.

Yung with a big palm strike in the middle of the ring. Purrazzo recovers and works Yung’s arm. She then stomps away at the challenger, Purrazzo wraps Yung’s arm around the top rope and yanks on it. Yung throws a few punches, Purrazzo gets back control and works over the arm with a cross armbreaker. Yung throws some punches, whips Purrazzo into the corner and runs right into a big boot. Purrazzo does the paradise lock on Yung, then boots her out to the floor. Yung gets in the ring and gets stomped. Purrazzo with a german suplex, hangs on, hits another, and releases on the third throw.

Yung finally lands some offensive with a DDT. Yung beats up Purrazzo on the floor, sits Purrazzo on a chair, then lands a cannonball senton down on the champion. Yung pulls out her glove as she looks to finish off Purrazzo. Purrazzo ducks it, both wrestlers almost hit the referee, then Deonna ends up hitting a pump kick on the referee. Purrazzo tries for a piledriver, Yung counters with one of her own, but the referee is still down. Kimber Lee gets in the ring and whacks Yung with a chair. She puts Yung’s arm around the chair, tries to stomp down on it. Yung gets the mandible claw locked in, mist to Lee’s face! Purrazzo is able to get the cross armbreaker in, Yung able to partially get in the mandible claw for the break. Purrazzo with the pump kick, hits another one, and a third one. Purrazzo takes a few back elbow, then a stunner, panic switch on Purrazzo, cover, 1-2-3!

Winner: Su Yung via pinfall to win the Impact Knockouts Championship

– The Knockouts Tag Titles are returning! The first champions will be decided at the next PPV, Hard to Kill, on January 16.

Eric Young (c) vs. Rich Swann (Impact World Championship)

Swann gets the best of Young earlier on, forcing him to hit the floor to collect himself. Young pulls Swann out to the floor, but gets shoved into the ring post. Young really working over Swann, drops him hard on his neck, both end up on the top rope and Young hits a huge neckbreaker on the challenger! He goes for a couple covers, but Swann kicks out. Big back body drop on Swann, flipping him completely around in midair. Young continues to crank on Swann’s neck.

Young continues to beat up Swann for a few minutes straight. Swann won’t stay down though, Young keeps yelling “Go away!” at his opponent. Young with a big shot in the corner. Young continues to yell at Swann. Young punches Swann a few times and tells him to stay down. Swann doesn’t listen and freaks out, throwing big bombs on the champion. Swann throws Young into the corner, he flips over and tries to climb the ropes for a move on the other side. Swann runs over, leaps up and sends Young crashing down to the mat. Swann looks to have bloodied mouth after that move.

Swann with multiple spinning back kicks. Young goes to the top rope, but Swann hits a standing head scissors. Swann with a huge frog splash, cover, two-count. Young and Swann on the top rope, Young bites Swann, sends him down to the mat, goes for a cover, but instead locks in the crossface. Swann is able to roll his way to the ropes though.

Back and forth punches, Swann with a kick to the head, handspring move incoming, but Young catches Swan, lands a TKO, cover, two. Heel hook by Young, Swann rolls to the bottom rope, but Young hangs on until the referee gets to four. Young tells Swann “I told you I’d get that ankle!” Swann with a low kick, punch to the face, side kick to the face, standing 450 splash, cover, two.

Swann looks for the phoenix splash, Young yanks him down into the tree of woe. He then wrenches on Swann’s ankle against the turnbuckle. Swann then counters with a cutter, handspring cutter, goes up to phoenix splash, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Rich Swann via pinfall to win the Impact World Championship

– Post-match, a lot of the Impact roster came out to celebrates with Swann as the show comes to a close.