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Heath Miller reveals when he will be back in the ring and he confirms that he was supposed to win at Bound For Glory


Heath Miller reveals when he will be back in the ring and he confirms that he was supposed to win at Bound For Glory

Former WWE Superstar/current Impact Wrestling star Heath Miller appeared on The Ryback Show this week. Miller explained how his injury happened at the Bound For Glory pay-per-view.

He said, “I went into that damn match and I was supposed to win it. I got in there and I hit three moves that I hit for the last 15 years of my career. I slide and Myers throws the clothesline. I duck it and that neck breaker felt like somebody stabbed me with a knife. I thought, oh God, what was that? I got up and hit the leg lariat thinking I’m good and I dropped to my face. I was wondering what was happening. I tried to pull myself up. I hit my big knee on Reno Scum. I go to the top rope and I realized I’m f***ed.  I’ve never felt pain like that. It felt like every time I moved, somebody took a knife and twisted it. It wasn’t a hernia. The person at the hospital said I had a hernia. Then I went to a hernia specialist in Charlotte and he said it wasn’t a hernia.  He said I ripped my abductor muscle off the bone and I slightly tore my groin. He said I didn’t need surgery. He said once I ripped my abductor muscle, they can only suture it back to the bone. He said I need to ice it and do nothing for two months. Next thing you know, I went from black, blue, purple, yellow and bruising everywhere. This is bad. = I could barely walk but thank God it’s been a month now and I’m walking good. I’m still a little bruised, but not bad. It’s uncomfortable. If I stretch too far or if I walk too fast, I feel it on the left side of my stomach. I’m supposed to be back in January. I’m seeing a physical therapist and hoping for the best. I got up to 250 pounds looking good and feeling great and now I’m 235. I can still feel the pain on the left side of my lower gut to where my pube area is leading to my groin?”

You can check out the full interview below or via your favorite podcast app.

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