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Griff Garrison Comments On Getting The Opportunity To Work For AEW, More


Griff Garrison Comments On Getting The Opportunity To Work For AEW, More

During a recent appearance on the Dropkick Podcast, Griff Garrison commented on getting the opportunity to work for AEW, working with Brian Pillman Jr., and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On getting the opportunity to work for AEW: “When COVID hit, it started shutting down all these local indy shows I was doing, and I didn’t know where I was gonna go from there. Ring of Honor stopped and I was doing Ring of Honor at the time. Then, all of a sudden, I get a call from my agent and he says ‘Hey you’re going to Jacksonville to do AEW next week.’ I can’t even put into words what was going through my head because it was just crazy. I got down there and I was so nervous, but everybody was so nice when I got there – it was almost surprising because all those guys are so big in the sport of pro wrestling and so well-known. I see these guys all over social media and I’m like ‘Wow’ and I’m expecting them to big-time me. And I got there and everybody was so cool, so friendly, and so polite. It was really cool. It was a lot of fun. Being able to wrestle for AEW during this whole pandemic – it really has been a blessing in disguise.”

On forming a tag team with Brian Pillman Jr. and whether they would consider the Hollywood Blondes team name: “We’re actually in the process of coming up with gear, coming up with a name. We have two or three ideas but I won’t give it away right now. The Hollywood Blondes – that was his dad’s thing, so we’re not really gonna go Hollywood Blondes. We might keep the blonde persona and rock with that, but we’re still coming up with it. We were sitting ringside for Dynamite and he just came and sat by me, and then the camera was just going and going and going. Then it got to us and we got the red light, and he was standing beside me and started playing with hair and playing with my hair. I’m like ‘Oh, I’m getting TV time.’ After that, I watch the match and get on my phone and check Twitter, and it’s just spinning.”

On his favorite match in his career thus far: “I had a really good match – it was right before I hurt myself – in 2018 and it was with Austin Theory. It was when I won my first Fire Star Pro Wrestling Championship. That was my first match where it kind of clicked – it was a really cool moment for me. He’s so good and so talented, and he made me look so good in that match. That’s always the first one that pops to mind when someone asks what your favorite match is.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)