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FTR reveal what Vince McMahon doesn’t “enjoy” about pro wrestling


FTR reveal what Vince McMahon doesn’t “enjoy” about pro wrestling

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is particular about certain things that he wants to air on WWE shows, and he doesn’t seem to move away from the formula that has brought him success. McMahon has been criticized for how the tag team division has been underutilized over the last few years, with tag team wrestling being an afterthought in WWE.

FTR, who were previously known as The Revival in WWE, were one tag team that were unhappy at how tag team wrestling was presented in WWE which is why they asked for their release on a number of occasions before they got it earlier this year.

FTR reveal Vince McMahon doesn’t enjoy tag team wrestling

FTR were recently interviewed by journalist Stephanie Chase, where they spoke about how they were earning very little in WWE despite wrestling more than other Superstars on the roster.

They spoke about how Vince McMahon is not a fan of tag team wrestling in general:

“Cash and myself, we both worked in 2019 more than any — we had more matches than any other talent in the WWE. So they kept us booked because they knew we’d work hard on the live events, but if that were a problem, they wouldn’t have us in 155 matches in 2019, and then there’s the talk of, ‘Well they have to pay two talents.’ Yeah, they had to pay two talents but me and Cash were also two of the least paid guys in 2019. We worked the most and got paid the least, so I don’t believe that. It’s just an opinion that Vince McMahon has on tag team wrestling. He owns the company, it’s his playground, it’s his money and that’s okay. There’s things that I don’t like and if I owned a company, I wouldn’t — if I owned a coffee company, there’s no way I would serve gas station coffee, you know? It’s just not what I enjoy, and I just think he [Vince] just doesn’t enjoy tag team wrestling.” (H/T Post Wrestling)

The pair were released by Vince McMahon’s WWE after they had requested for their release on a number of occasions. FTR came through the ranks in WWE, wrestling on NXT before making their way to the main roster.

FTR won the RAW and SmackDown tag team titles, as well as the NXT tag team title in their run with WWE.

Published 06 Nov 2020, 21:50 IST

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