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Former WWE star says he was turned down by AEW


Former WWE star says he was turned down by AEW

AEW is not looking to sign everyone who leaves WWE and now that their roster is so big, they are more likely to turn down several ex-WWE stars who want to work there.

Former WWE star Fred Rosser (aka Darren Young) says he was told by AEW that there was no interest in signing him. He added that he was turned down twice.

He tweeted, “I get asked a lot why not @AEW? Well, I tried and I was told NOPE…NOT ☝? but ✌?…besides AEW wasn’t my end goal it’s always been NJPW @njpw1972 ?? No matter what, don’t ever get overwhelmed and decide to throw in the towel. I’ve still got a lot of work to do! #blockthehate”

Rosser made his NJPW debut in September and he teamed up with Alex Zayne to face The DKC and Clark Connors. AEW may not be interested now but the old saying in wrestling is “never say never.”

Rosser is not the only former WWE star who AEW has declined to sign. Cody Rhodes said a couple of months ago that Heath Miller (Heath Slater) is also someone who they are not interested in at this time.

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