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Former TNA Star Returns During Impact’s “Turning Point” Event


Former TNA Star Returns During Impact’s “Turning Point” Event

Following Cousin Jake and Rohit Raju’s match at Impact’s Turning Point special, former TNA and longtime All Japan star Joe Doering made his return to the company.

As mentioned, Cousin Jake challenged Raju during his “Defeat Rohit” Challenge for the X-Division Championship. Although he came up short in the match, the former Impact World Champion, Eric Young, brought the powerhouse Doering down with him to take out The Deaners.

Doering made his TNA debut back in 2005. He wrestled mostly in tag team matches until his departure just a year later. From there, he went on to become one-half of the All Japan World Tag Team Championship (four times), as well as their Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion (two times). It’ll be interesting to see what role he’ll have to play in Young’s stable.