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Ethan Page explains how he lost 50 pounds, Tommy Dreamer slept on his parents couch


Ethan Page explains how he lost 50 pounds, Tommy Dreamer slept on his parents couch

Ethan Page, who is expected to be a free agent soon, was interviewed this week for Tommy Dreamer’s “House of Hardcore” podcast. You can check out the full podcast by clicking on the player below.

Here are some transcribed highlights:

Ethan Page talked about running his own wrestling promotion at age 20: “I was running a promotion in my hometown of Hamilton, Ontario called Alpha-1 Wrestling. We were growing and we had a steady audience every month. It was time to invest and I wanted to bring in people I would learn from that can teach me and you (Tommy Dreamer) were on the top of the list. You came into Canada and wrestled for my promotion. Putting on wrestling shows is expensive. You try to cut costs where you can. Tommy Dreamer, being the brother wrestler that he is, agreed to sleep on my couch. I don’t even know if you knew at the time it wasn’t even my couch. It was my parent’s couch. But, Tommy Dreamer ended up taking a night instead of in a hotel room, stayed in my parent’s basement with me while I stayed up and edited the entire show. Instead of sleeping because he had an early flight, he actually helped me direct the show and told me where to put the cameras. He told me how we can have the show flow better and even helped me with my weekly YouTube shows because we would do storylines. That was awesome to be able to pick your brain.”

Page talked about how he lost 50 pounds: “I’ve always had one knock on me and that was my body. I thought while the entire world is sleeping, I’m going to take this time to become the biggest superstar in professional wrestling which was my goal. I needed to fix my body. Gyms are closed and I go online and spend $700 Canadian dollars on a recumbent bike so that I can have a stationary bike in my gym which I still to this day, work out in my garage gym in negative one degree Celsius, 30 degree Farhrenheit, every single morning. I still have not gone to a regular gym unless I’m traveling. It’s a daily thing. I changed my entire mindset of who I am as a person and what I am able to do. Now I have to do some physical activity every single day or I go insane. I’m choosing my foods better. It was all a mental mindset and I had to put myself there in order to pull this off. My heaviest weight was 265.  Today I am 215.”

If you use any portion of the quotes from this article please credit The House of Hardcore Podcast with Tommy Dreamer with a h/t to for the transcription.

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