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ECW’s Roadkill recalls a serious concussion that led to an induced coma and a hole drilled in his head


ECW’s Roadkill recalls a serious concussion that led to an induced coma and a hole drilled in his head

This week on Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore podcast, Amish Road Kill was the guest and he had plenty of ECW stories to share. He also talked about his serious injury on his fifth career match:

“This was my first match in front of my family, five minutes from my house. I worked at the K-Mart across the street so this was my hometown show.  I’m wrestling Bubba Ray Dudley. We go over the match. We go out and start working. Opening spot, I think he shot me off the rope. I reversed it, dropped down to go give him a back body drop and he scooped me into a powerbomb. I was out. I was completely out. I got a concussion right there. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t feel anything below my neck. I watched it a couple times. It looked like he tried to lift me up and my body just crumbled. He tries to hook my leg and it crumbles. Finally, he pins me and gets out of there. I think you (Tommy Dreamer) were one of the first people in the ring to check on me. Then Paul (Heyman), then my dad. Luckily I didn’t break my neck. It was a concussion. However, they get me in the back. I remember laying on the ground and they were talking about cutting my gear off. I think Mikey (Whipwreck) got hurt on the same show. I think it was his knee. So he was in the ambulance with me. A lot of this is hearsay because other eyes told me the story as I don’t remember most of it. We got to the hospital and Mikey said I freaked out. They had a neck brace on me because they thought my neck was broken. I started to pull it off and I snapped. I guess my brain was swelling and I snapped. I started punching everybody. I’m punching the security. I’m punching doctors. I’m punching nurses. I hit my mother. I was swinging at everything because I wanted to get up and out. They drugged me and sedated me. They calmed me down. I remember them coming back to do something to me and I said, no, I got to go, and I snapped again. At that point, they drugged me and put me under. I woke up in restraints. They were plastic restraints and I broke those. I woke up with leather restraints on my legs and arms. Somebody else told me I tried to pull out my breathing tube and now one of my nostrils is bigger than the other still to this day. They said I tried pulling my catheter. So, a normal thinking person would not be doing stuff like that.

Dreamer said, “So they put you in a medically induced coma” and Road Kill said, “Yes, and they drilled a hole in my head. I was in a coma for a week and then I think I was there another week before they let me go because they wanted to make sure I was good. I remember I had to prove that my motor skills were working. In order to do that, I had to do laps around the thing and be able to take a shower on my own and all this other stuff. I had to earn my way out of the hospital. I did and I remember going back for my follow ups and seeing the dirty looks I was getting from everyone because they all knew.”

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