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D-Von Dudley praises AEW for booking his sons


D-Von Dudley praises AEW for booking his sons

D-Von Dudley was back on this week’s episode of the “Table Talk” podcast.

This week, D-Von, Mo and Lindsey celebrated the life of Pat Patterson. D-Von also gave some praise to AEW for booking his sons Terrell and Terrence Hughes.

Here are some highlights:

D-Von Dudley talking about his sons wrestling in AEW:  “I would like to say thank you to AEW for having my boys be a part of their organization.  I love it.  They are keeping the Dudley Boyz alive and well that the legacy lives on through TNT.  Thank you to AEW for having them there and doing those dark matches.  Like I told my boys and I said on social media, now is your time to shine.  Now is your time to go out there and all the haters that will say things negative about you, ignore them.  They have been saying that about your father for years and I’m in the Hall of Fame and I have a ring.  Not only that but I’m a producer for the WWE and am one half of the greatest tag team in the history of this business.  You are going to have negative people that say negative things.  Let them say it.  The thing is, they wish they can do what you do.”

D-Von later went on to say: “I think WWE is doing great in terms of what they are doing.  I think AEW is doing phenomenal.  I watch them as well and I’m a fan of them ever since my boys started going over there. Hopefully, they will be able to go up there and do some good work with a lot of those great tag teams up there. I’m very proud of them. I believe they are really going to go far.”

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