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Chyna’s Former Manager On Vince McMahon Offering Chyna WWE Title To Not Do Playboy


Chyna’s Former Manager On Vince McMahon Offering Chyna WWE Title To Not Do Playboy

On the first installment of “Documenting Chyna” on The Daily podcast. Managing Editor Nick Hausman spoke with former friend and manager of WWE Hall of Famer Chyna, Anthony Anzaldo, where he recalled helping Chyna get $88,000 in royalties from WWE in 2004.

“WWE hates me. Why? Because I got her name from them in ’05 let’s not forget,” Anzaldo noted. “So now Chyna and Anthony are back. Ugh, a big fat thorn in their side. So we leave New York off to Connecticut to the WWE headquarters. Now, cicra 2004, I’m in a Best Buy, 11 years earlier, DVDs [and] Blu-rays are all the new craze, I see this 20-year anniversary, I can’t remember how many year anniversary, of WrestleMania, and Chyna is in three matches.

“And I say to her, ‘Chyna, are you getting any royalty from WWE?’ She said, ‘No.’ So I called WWE, 2004, and I said, ‘Does Chyna have any royalties coming.’ They said, ‘Oh my God, yes. We’ve been looking for her.’ $88,000 they sent her a check for [in] 2004.”

Anzaldo said later, he and Chyna went to WWE headquarters after her return from Japan in 2015. He said their goal, while filming their documentary, was to see if there was any more royalty money that WWE had not paid Chyna. He said as soon as arrived they were soon met by security and told to leave.

“So fast forward June 2015, I say, let’s go to the headquarters not to make amends, not to see if we can kiss their ass, not to see if they’ll put you in the Hall of Fame, not to see if they’ll hire you again, just to simply go to accounting and say, ‘Hey you guys have a check for Chyna by chance? In 2004 you did.’ We’re just taking a shot,” Anzaldo recalled. “Nothing wrong with that. Well, we go to WWE, we shoot it. Chyna and I are standing outside WWE headquarters. We talk about why we’re going in. We talked about how we’re going to ask to see Vince McMahon.

“We’re going to talk about how we’re going to ask to see Triple H, but more so than anything, anybody in accounting we can see, is it possible that we’re owed money. So we walk in to the lobby of the WWE. I have a pen in my pocket that’s videotaping. Now, didn’t turn out great but there’s audio, a lot of audio, and this was before there were really good video pens like there are now. But anyway, very dark lobby. It’s really not welcoming let’s just say. There’s a big desk. There was a woman behind the desk. There’s four statues in the lobby.

“We stand out there, and I say, ‘Hello, my name is Anthony Anzaldo. I am here to see somebody in business and legal in regards to whether or not my client, who’s standing here next to me, Chyna, might happen to be owed some royalty. I don’t know if she is or not, but I’d like to find out.’ Within 15 seconds, there was five black suits in the lobby. All men and all saying to me, ‘We’re very sorry, but you guys are persona non grata and you’re going to have to leave.’ Why? What have we done? ‘Sir, you’re going to have to leave.’ What have we done? Why can’t I see a accounting? Can I see Vince? Can you ask if Anthony and Chyna can see Vince? ‘Sir, you’re going to have to leave.’ Now, they start moving towards us. So we left.”

Anzaldo confirmed Chyna’s claim that Playboy cost her a WWE Championship run. He said that Vince McMahon offered Chyna a run at the title on the condition that she not do Playboy, but she refused.

“They offered her the WWE Championship belt, but Vince said, ‘But you can’t do Playboy’ because she got offered to do Playboy,” Anzaldo revealed. “She chose Playboy over the belt. She went and got her boobs done one week and didn’t tell Vince, and when she came back, he was f-ing pissed. That was her first boob job.

“And that boob broke. Savio Vega, in the ring, chain match, he hit her in the t–s with his chain and popped one of her boobs. So she let that go for while. She got sick. Ultimately, went to Thailand, got the boobs done, re-done but the guy did a bad job with the sewing around the nipples. So she’s opening a bag of chips and they sprang open, and so her nipples eventually looked like they were sort of splattered on her areola.

“Take a look at the footage, not Playboy because airbrush all that but the porno, you’ll see your t–s. You’ll see that scar I speak up with the tattoo, all of that. By the way, nobody knows this s–t because I’m the only guy that knows the story, the true story, the real story not the wannabes, not the star-f–kers, not the mother who wished that she could have saw her daughter after 30 years. I’m the one behind all that. I’m the good guy.”

Anzaldo noted how popular Chyna became after being featured on the cover of Playboy. He also noted that Chyna did not receive any money from WWE’s book about Chyna, and she did not like the book at all.

“Vince says, ‘If you do Playboy, you don’t get the belt.’ She said f–k the belt. I’m doing Playboy,” Anzaldo recalled. “Highest selling out of the box Playboy, first week Playboy, in the history of Playboy, more than Kim Kardashian. It’s top three of all time behind Kardashian and Marilyn Monroe. So she does Playboy. Awesome. Now, she’s a big f–king star. She does the book, but WWE did the book, and she didn’t even make money on the book.

“By the way, she didn’t get paid to make the book. She had to promote it. She had to do signings. Did not make one penny on the book. They kept it all, and by the way, they edited it. She wasn’t able to say the truth about certain s–t. They put stuff in there that isn’t true. They took stuff out of there. She hated that book. Our book is the real story, and it’s coming.”

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