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Chris Jericho health update, big change for Sunday’s Fozzy show in London –


AEW star Chris Jericho is out of the hospital following a non-COVID related health issue.

Jericho took to Twitter on Saturday, posting a picture of himself out of the hospital, with the following:

“Back on the streets…” He had been in the hospital since Thursday evening.”

Jericho’s band Fozzy was scheduled to perform Friday night in Swansea, Wales when the promoter for the concert had announced Jericho had checked into a hospital with what was said to be “a non-COVID related treatable health issue”.

The band canceled the Saturday concert in Nottingham. Jericho posted a video to his YouTube Channel on Saturday indicating a change to the show in London. He said due to doctor’s orders he will not be able to sing. Instead of a concert, Fozzy will host a fan-fest event that will feature a listening party for their newest album, “Boombox,” a Q&A session with Fozzy, and a sing-along of their most popular songs.

Jericho was attacked by 2point0 and Daniel Garcia on the December Dynamite, to write him temporarily off AEW television.

You can watch the segment below, along with Jericho providing an update on the Sunday show below Jericho’s Twitter post.