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Charlotte Flair and Asuka win WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles at TLC PPV


Charlotte Flair and Asuka win WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles at TLC PPV

Charlotte Flair made her return at the WWE TLC pay-per-view as the tag team partner for Asuka. This was Flair’s first match since June when she was written out of storylines. Flair and Asuka faced Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler for the Women’s Tag Team Titles.

Match details written in real-time:

Asuka and Baszler started the match but Flair tagged in a few seconds in to get her hands on Baszler. Then it was Jax who tagged in to wrestle Flair. As things settled down, the heels beat on Asuka for the next couple of minutes.

Asuka finally broke free to tag in Flair, who cleaned house as Ric Flair looked on from backstage. Charlotte hit her signature moonsault off the top onto both Baszler and Jax at ringside. Charlotte then brought Jax in the ring and tried the figure four but Jax shoved her off but Asuka tagged in and she hit Jax with a missile dropkick but Baszler tagged in. Baszler tried the Kirafuta clutch but Flair tagged herself in. There was a pin attempt from Baszler but Flair was able to lock in the Figure Eight but Jax broke it up. Asuka took out Jax and Charlotte hit the Natural Selection to win the titles for her team.

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