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Britt Baker And Thunder Rosa Throw Jabs On Social Media


Britt Baker And Thunder Rosa Throw Jabs On Social Media

This Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite features NWA Women’s World Champion Serena Deeb defending her title against Thunder Rosa. As noted, Deeb beat Rosa in late October on UWN/NWA Primetime Live to win the title.

After the announcement, Rosa sent a message to the champ.

“Y’all can say way whatever you want. The center stage is mine. The @nwa title is [email protected] be afraid, very afraid…Because you are on my way.”

Britt Baker then jumped in, accusing Rosa of faking her internet buzz, and not having the face for TV.

“Stop faking your own internet buzz and go back to wrestling exclusively on the internet. You aren’t half the star you think you are and you don’t have half the face for TV.”

Rosa fired back shortly after:

“Interesting thing is…I did more than others (you) with [a] one minute promo in your company [than] you have done the whole year. Keep trolling cabrona because I have putazos for you. #realstar #realchamp #f—withme #lameramera #realwrestler #nwa #realtalk”

While Rosa has current business with Deeb, it’s looking like Baker and Rosa are setting up something down the road. Baker’s most recent match was on the October 21 episode of Dynamite where she submitted KyLinn King.