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Booker T on what worries him about Keith Lee, why Chris Jericho vs. Sting in AEW can be a good match


Booker T on what worries him about Keith Lee, why Chris Jericho vs. Sting in AEW can be a good match

On the latest “Hall Of Fame” podcast, Booker T recapped WWE NXT TakeOver: WarGames. He also talked about his “heat” with Ariel Helwani, Sting’s debut on AEW Dynamite, Floyd Mayweather’s upcoming exhibition fight against Logan Paul, James Harden looking to be traded from the Houston Rockets and much more.

Here are some of the highlights:

Booker T was asked if Keith Lee is being buried on RAW: “Nobody more than me wants to see Keith Lee come up because he has talent. He comes from that old school that I worked in back in the day. Killer Tim Brooks trained him. I had a chance to work with Killer Tim Brooks. I want to see Keith Lee come up on the roster. But, he just came from NXT. We want to see instant coffee and it doesn’t happen like that. This thing here will have to percolate. Keith Lee was North American Champion and NXT Champion coming onto the main roster. Booker T was World Heavyweight Champion and United States champion coming into WWF. I end up losing both of the belts. I got the World Title belt, lost it again, and didn’t see that title again for 5 years. People could look at me that way where I wasn’t getting pushed.

I thought, and I could be wrong, but I thought throughout my entire WWE career, I was getting pushed. I’m serious. I don’t ever remember being in a bad spot in WWE. Was I on every PPV and highlighted in the main event? No, I wasn’t. But, if there are only people highlighted in the main event, all the time, that’s a rarity. I thought I was always in a good position and I think Keith Lee will be one of those guys too if he can stay injury free. The one thing that scares me about Keith Lee more than anything is he is a big guy who throws caution to the wind sometimes. One wrong landing, one inch here or there, something can happen. I would hate to see that big man go out there and put himself on the shelf. When I see these big guys do stuff like that, not that they can’t do it, and trust me, I’m not telling them not to do it, but it scares me when I see them do it.”

Booker talks about Sting in AEW: “I told you it was something that could be worked out with Sting. Chris Jericho had that look when he went to Japan with the hat and the mouth paint just like Sting. I never thought about it but he had the black jacket with the spikes. That was cool. It works. Not that Sting can’t touch the career of Darby Allin and some of those other guys. I really think there is a place for him as a character. That’s one thing about wrestling is that no matter how old you are, you can still be a character. Sting being 61, he can still go out there. He can still go out there and move. He can still go out there and do a little something in the ring. How much? It really wouldn’t matter with a guy like Jericho. I think they can go out there and with smoke and mirrors, tell a story. Even with the age of Sting and Jericho right now, and no disrespect to anybody, but I think those guys have enough knowledge in their head that they can go out there with smoke and mirrors, unlike the way the young guys who go out there and do it today. He is the  perfect person that’s going to go out there and dance with him properly and make sure he walks out of that ring and we could probably get 3 dances out of this.”

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