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Booker T explains why he never wanted to be part of the NWO


Booker T explains why he never wanted to be part of the NWO

On the latest episode of “The Hall Of Fame” podcast, Booker T and Brad Gilmore gave their thoughts on some of the big wrestling news stories of the week.

Booker also talked about why he never joined the NWO in WCW. He says that was something he rejected and noted that he was one of the few guys who were not left laying by the group.

Booker said, “The NWO was a big deal riding high in WCW. For some reason, I never got left laying by the NWO so that was cool. What these guys brought to the table as far as the money side, I knew they were getting their piece of the pie but they made the money go up for a lot of guys like myself who were working at the top of the card. They made my check go up a lot. I understand that from a business aspect. But to actually be a part of the group, the NWO, it was not something I wanted to be a part of. I didn’t want to be in the mix with a bunch of different guys coming out to one music. Sure, being a part of a group, you have to change the way you work and act. That’s not something I wanted to do.  Those guys ran real hard and that might have been something that pulled me in as well and that’s not something I was about. I was always a loner. I was about making money. I was always about coming to work and getting my work done to the best of my ability every time I came to work. It might have been a huge distraction with all those guys.”

Booker also touched on how the group got too big and eventually broke off into NWO Wolfpack and NWO Black and White, which many fans say was part of the reason why WCW began to lose fans.

“Then the NWO morphed. It became so big and blew up into two separate factions. For me to be a part of that, I can see myself getting lost in the shuffle real quick. When I was approached and said we need some color in the NWO, I said I appreciate it but I’m good. I’m a solo act. I’m glad I stayed a solo act. When I went to WWE, I was a part of the NWO for one week and one week only. It wasn’t something I was really a part of. It wasn’t something I wanted to be a part of. I’m glad I wasn’t a part of it and if I would have, I wonder if we would be having this conversation right now? I wonder if I would have ever become World Heavyweight Champion if I would have joined that group? I don’t think so.”

Booker’s brother, Stevie Ray, was part of the NWO in WCW for a shot time but he ended up being one of many who got lost in the shuffle. You can listen to the entire “Hall Of Fame” podcast by clicking below.

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