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Bayley Reveals Her Dream Opponent In WWE


Bayley Reveals Her Dream Opponent In WWE

The use of musical performances as wrestling introductions is a tried-and-true formula that has been used by WWE for years. They’ve had MGK introduce John Cena, Flo Rida present The Rock, Motörhead serenade Triple H, and many others at various WrestleManias.

Bayley wanted to get in the act at this year’s WrestleMania but the pandemic had other ideas. She talked about wanting Hayley Williams of Paramore to perform “Sinner” during her intro when she joined Table Talk.

“I did ask her on a live stream if she would like to play Sinner for me at WrestleMania. She thought I asked if I could just use the song, which she did give permission for. To be honest, I have mentioned it to the WWE Music Producer. So, before the pandemic, before we knew WrestleMania was going to be in front of nobody, we were actually trying to figure out how to get that going and how to make it work,” revealed Bayley.

“We were having phone calls about it. All of this happened and we couldn’t do it, so, we’ll see. I’m never going to stop trying because that’s a dream moment for me and my dream WrestleMania moment for me. Hayley Williams, let’s do it! Come on!”

While that would be Bayley’s dream moment, who would be Bayley’s dream opponent? She’s wrestled just about every female wrestler on the roster, so she cited one of her childhood heroes as someone she would like to step into the ring against.

“Lita has always been a dream opponent just because she’s somebody I never been in the ring with. Which is crazy to say now, but we’ve been in a 10-woman tag match before, and this was the night after Evolution. That was so insane,” recalled Bayley.

“She did the moonsault. I did the elbow off the top and we did Twist of Fates. It was so crazy, but I want a match against her because she’s the one who helped me realize my dreams. She made me really see women who look different and dress differently can make it in this business and be successful. So, I would love to just pay that back to her, pay that to my 12-year-old self and have that dream match.”

Just as Lita inspired Bayley when she was younger, Bayley has done the same to younger women wrestlers, including some currently on the WWE roster.

She was asked who in the next generation of Women’s Superstars she would most like to feud with one day.

“Peyton [Royce] and I shared a locker room for years and I’ve always seen something in Peyton when she first started. Peyton and Billie Kay actually lived with me the first month when they moved to America because it’s hard when they’re coming all the way from Australia. It’s hard to find an apartment and a car,” stated Bayley.

“I knew Billie from before. I didn’t know Peyton at all, but she was awesome and super sweet. Once I saw her get in the ring, I was like, ‘Woah, you’re incredible.’ I’ve always had an eye for her; she’s so incredible. She just hasn’t had the time to really show that even when The IIconics were the tag team champions. She just hasn’t had that spotlight yet. It kills me that it hasn’t happened yet, but I wouldn’t say if I’m an inspiration to her. I think it’s because we respect each other so much. I feel the same. It was an honor to be in the ring with her; I wanted to get in the ring with her. I wish we could’ve done more, but I have done a lot more than her.

“I have accomplished a lot more than her, and I’m sure she wants to do everything that I’ve done. I know that in her heart, it’s still racing because I’m the role model in WWE. I’m the first Grand Slam Champion. I would love to one day get in the ring and have a one on one pay-per-view match with Peyton Royce.”

One of Bayley’s good friends in the WWE locker room is Xavier Woods who has a successful gaming YouTube Channel called UpUpDownDown. Woods has made quite a name for himself in the gaming world, and because of that, he has been named a G4 host when the network revives in 2021.

Bayley discussed Woods’ latest accomplishment and how proud she is of him.

“When he announced that, I was like, ‘Man, this guy is doing everything he’s ever dreamed of.’ He’s incredible. When he debuted on RAW, I made a big post about it. I was so emotional because I had just seen how hard he worked.

“Now, look at everything he’s done since then. [The New Day] came out to Gears of War on Sunday [at Survivor Series] and I was so emotional watching him rehearse that entrance. So, I’m very proud of him.”

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Mehdy Labriny contributed to this article.