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Backstage news on who is scripting Roman Reigns’ promos


Backstage news on who is scripting Roman Reigns’ promos

A few months ago, we noted that Paul Heyman has been very hands-on with everything that involves Roman Reigns. In front of the camera, the story that is being told is that Reigns brought Heyman back because his career was over now that Brock Lesnar is gone. The idea is that Heyman and Reigns are not friends and Heyman is indebted to Reigns for keeping his career alive. Behind the scenes, Heyman has been a tremendous help with Reigns’ promos.

PWInsider is reporting that much of what Reigns has been saying since his heel turn has been written by Heyman. So if you are enjoying this new version of Reigns then much of the credit also goes to Heyman.

PWInsider also noted that Michael Hayes has been hands on with Reigns and he has been producing Reigns’ big pay-per-view matches as of late.

We can confirm that plans are still in place for Jimmy Uso to join Jey and Roman once Jimmy is cleared for in-ring action. Roman Reigns will defend the WWE Universal Championship against Kevin Owens in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match at the TLC pay-per-view.