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Another WWE release confirmed | Wrestling News


Another WWE release confirmed | Wrestling News

Thanks to Super Luchas for the following tip:

Jerry Soto, 39, the third announcer on the  WWE Spanish-language broadcast team was also one of the names fired on November 6 as part of company budget cuts.

Soto had been with the company since October 2011 as a replacement for Hugo Savinovich. He got the job after he was brought in to an audition by fellow Spanish language announcer Marcelo Rodriguez after working together at the Repertorio Español Performance Art Theatre in New York.

Soto was furloughed on April 15 but was officially let go on Friday

Soto’s statement: “Hi. Officially I don’t have a job. I take a little of your time to tell you that I have been on temporary layoff (furlough) since April. Now, the time has come to get another job, preferably acting. I write it here so that you have me in mind with employment opportunities. Thanks for your time.

“It is not the end, but another beginning. If you’ve lost your job too, patience, joy and strength, and everyone, a sanitized hug!”

Marcelo Rodríguez and Carlos Cabrera are still with the company. As noted earlier, long-time ring announcer Tony Chimel was also released on Friday. Most of the releases were related to live event side of things. That is another sign that there are no plans to return to a full-time road schedule anytime soon.