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AEW star Matt Hardy says he plans on a character change, will focus on being more authentic –


AEW star Matt Hardy took to Twitter and has indicated a gimmick change coming for his “Big Money” character. He noted be plans on gearing towards “Matt Hardy” going forward.

In video, which can be seen below, Hardy says the following:

“Anyone out there that follows Matt Hardy closely knows there’s nothing I love on this planet more than my children. And I’m sure they also know that I am extremely passionate about my chosen career of professional wrestling. And it is very important to me that my children get to see the best of me as a professional wrestler because I know my time doing this job, living this career is limited…so it’s very important that I optimize every bit of it and my children experience it in real-time. That’s very important to me, and to do that, I have to be the best version of Matt Hardy that I can possibly be.”