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AEW star Jake Atlas provides injury update, says his knee “will be just fine” –


Newly signed AEW star Jake Atlas provided an injury update on Twitter, noting that his “knee will be just fine” and that he “won’t be gone long.”

Atlas blew out his knee during his AEW Rampage match against Adam Cole that was taped this past Wednesday night in New Jersey.

Below is an excerpt from Josh Boutwell’s recap that describes how and when the injury occurred during the match.

Cole goes for a Superkick but Atlas catches his foot and hits a Superkick. He hits a Ripcord Lariat and then goes for a Suplex but Cole counters into a Brainbuster over his knee for two! Cole charges into a Pump Kick from Atlas followed by a Vertcial Suplex Bomb for two! Atlas goes for a springboard move but Cole hits him with a Superkick in midair and you can tell Atlas blew his knee out there. Cole goes for the Panama Sunrise but Atlas just falls down, so Cole puts Atlas in a Kneebar for the submission.