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AEW Full Gear Results – 11/13/21 (Three Titles Matches, Punk vs. Kingston) –

AEW Full Gear Results - 11/13/21 (Three Titles Matches, Punk vs. Kingston) -

AEW Full Gear Results
November 13, 2021
Minneapolis, Minnesota (Target Center)
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

Free Buy-In live at 7:00 pm ET – Nyla Rose and Jamie Hayter vs. Hikaru Shida and Thunder Rosa

Winners by pinfall: Hikaru Shida and Thunder Rosa

We go live to the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota for a sold out hot crowd. Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and Excalibur are on commentary.

Darby Allin vs. MJF

MJF comes out first. Darby Allin is out next with Sting. Great ovation for Darby Allin. The bell rings and here we go. The crowd is hot for Darby. There are dual chants for let’s go Darby and let’s go MJF. Both men exchange arm locks. MJF takes down Allin. MJF tries to throw Alllin out of the ring. Several pin attempts by Allin and MJF. Several arm drags by Darby Allin, and the crowd loves it. The fans are chanting AEW! MJF gives a cheap shot across the jaw of Darby Allin when the ref called for a clean break in the corner. On the outside of the ring, MJF did a big lariat on MJF. Allin goes back in the ring, and while MJF is jawing with a fan, Allin leaps through the ropes on MJF on the outside. MJF is on the apron, and Allin attempts a coffin drop, but MJF moves out of the way. MJF applies elbow drops on Allin and now has both of Allin’s arms bent back. MJF picks up Allin for a back breaker, goes for a pin, but only gets a two count. MJF intercepts the coffin splash and puts Allin into a back breaker, goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. After a second back breaker, MJF appears to have jammed his knee. MJF is back on the offense kicking Allin. MJF is biting the face of Allin. MJF picks him up and puts Allin on the top rope to attempt a super-plex, but Allin comes back and bites MJF. Allin gives MJF a stunner off of the second rope. Allin attempts coffin drop, but MJF rolls out of the ring. MJF power-bombs Allin. The fans are chanting this is awesome. MJF starts biting Allin’s fingers. Allin comes back with a head but, MJF thumbs Allin in the eye. MJF has Allin in the sharp shooter. Allin breaks the hold by grabbing the ankle of MJF. Allin has MJF in the figure four on MJF and goes for a pin, but only gets a two count. MJF attempts to break the hold and reverses it, but Allin grabs the rope to the force the break. MJF does a tombstone pile-driver on Allin on the apron, but hurts his knees in the process. Both men are in the ring, but MJF is complaining to the ref his knee hurts, but he is up on his feet. Allin rolls up MJF for a pin attempt, but only gets a two count. Both men are rolling around the ring attempting pins attempts. Both men continue several pin attempts, but only get two counts. The fans are going bonkers standing to their feet. Allin is going to the top rope for a coffin drop attempt, but MJF rolls out of the ring on the floor, but Allin does the coffin drop on MJF on the floor. MJF gets back in the ring and Allin does a coffin drop on MJF’s knees. Shawn Spears comes out followed by Wardlow, but Sting fights them off with a bat and a chair. MJF rolls out of the ring and grabs Darby Allin’s skateboard. He rolls it to Allin who wants Allin to hit him. Allin acts like he going to hit him. As the ref puts the skateboard out of the ring, his back it turned and MJF pulls out the Dynamite Diamond Ring and pops Allin in the face and then pins Allin for the win.

Winner: MJF by pinfall

AEW World Tag Team Championship Match: Lucha Bros (c) defend against FTR

Both teams begin with a brawl. Penta and Dax Harwood start off the match. Penta and Harwood exchange slaps. Harwood rolls up Penta for a pin attempt, but only gets a two count. Cash Wheeler and Fenix are not win the ring. Fenix then tags in Penta. The action is crazy and all over the place. All four men are on the outside of the ring, as the action is now on the outside. Wheeler and Fenix are now back in the ring. This match is fast paced and some of the action is hard to keep up with. Lucha Brothers are in control and the fans are on fire for the Lucha Brothers. Penta has Harwood in a leg log and is working on the knee. Wheeler comes in, but is met by a knee to the mid section. Penta has Hardwood on the rope and his giving him blows and the crowd counts along in Spanish. WIth ref not paying attention, Wheeler ties the back of Penta’s mask to the middle rope. The ref unties Penta, as Wheeler as he continues the offense. Harwood is tagged in and has Penta in a headlock, and doesn’t allow Penta to get the tag to Fenix. Both men end up down as the ref counts. Wheeler attempts to take down Fenix so he can’t tag in, but is met by a round house kick. Penta DDT’s Harwood and tags in Fenix. Fenix gives FTR a double cutter. The action of this match is all over the place. Both teams are really working hard during this match. Wheeler hits Fenix with the AAA Belt and Harwood attempts a pin, but only gets a two count. Harwood does a backdrop on Fenix with help from Harwood, attempts a pin, but only gets a two count. Tully grabs the leg of Penta when the ref was not looking. Harwood has Penta in for several suplexe’s. Penta then counters as the fans chat Eddie. Fenix frogs splashes Harwood, but only gets a two count as the fans continue to chat Eddie. Tombstone piledriver off the second rope on Fenix, as Harwood goes for a pin, but only gets a two count. Fenix does a roll up for a pin, but only gets a two count as the crowd chants this is awesome. This is a crazy and wild match with action continuing all over the place. FTR go under the ring, and put green masks on. Penta and Fenix spike Wheeler and pinned Wheeler for the three count and retain.

Winners and still AEW Tag Team Champions – FTR

AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament Final: Bryan Danielson vs. Miro

Danielson puts his hand out for a hand shake, but Miro won’t accept it. Miro is throwing Danielson around. Danielson slaps Miro across the chest, followed by a side headlock. Danielson continues slaps, sidekicks and a headlock. Miro breaks the hold, as Danielson then rolls to the outside. Danielson comes back with kicks and chops on Miro in the corner. Danielson puts Miro in a waste lock, but Miro breaks the hold. Miro is on the outside, but as Danielson attempts a running dive, Miro connects with a first to the face. Back in the ring, Mrio has Danielson in a headlock on the mat. Danielson is in the bottom turn buckle with Miro pushing on Danielson’s neck with his feet. Miro is mocking Danielson with his own kind of yes chant. Danielson comes back for offense, but is met with a samoan drop from Miro. Miro shoves Danielson into the ring post and Danielson goes out to the floor. Miro picks up Danielson, but then is pushed into the ring post by Danielson, who then climbs the ring and gives Miro a running knee off the ring apron. As both men are back in the ring, Danielson climbs the top rope and hits Miro with a shotgun drop kick. He then kicks Miro and the fans chant yes. Danielson goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Danielson then has Miro in a knee bar, but Miro counters with a gut wretch suplex to counter it. Miro then hits Danielson with a German Suplex. Danielson attempts a running knee, but Miro counters with a slam. Miro stomps on Danielson. Miro attempts a game over and locks it in on Danielson. Danielson crawls to the ropes to break the hold. Miro is frustrated. Miro then stops the lower back of Danielson, who counters with a headlock, but Miro breaks it. Danielson then puts Miro in the triangle lock, but Miro comes back with gouging the eyes. Both men are up and are exchanging blows. Miro invites kicks, which Danielson then kicks Miro under the left arm. Danielson kicks, but then Miro kicks back and drops Danielson down. Danielson is on the top rope as Miro slaps. Danielson then hits Miro with a DDT off the top rope, as Miro is submitted and Danielson becomes the new #1 contender for the AEW World Title.

Winner by submission – Bryan Danielson

Falls Count Anywhere Six-Man Tag: Christian Cage and Jurassic Express vs. Adam Cole and The Young Bucks

Another crazy match that starts off with action all over the place. Adam Cole and Christian are in the ring, as both men go back and forth. Adam Cole kicks Christian to the back of the leg, but Jungle Boy comes in and takes down Cole with an arm drag. The Young Bucks are in and Jungle Boy gets double clotheslined by the Bucks. Luchasauris comes in but then gets hit with a chair by Adam Cole. Jungle Boy then throws the chair in the face of Cole. As Jim Ross said, this match is like the wild west. Jungle Boy takes down the Bucks and Jungle Boy sits in the chair but gets a knee by Cole, who then does his Adam Cole Bay Bay, but is met by Christian Cage for a reverse DDT. He goes for the pin on Cole, but only gets a two. Luchasauris gets hit with a garbage can to the head by Cole. The use of a trash can is exchanged back and forth by both teams. Jungle Boy gets a table out from under the ring as the crowd chants we want tables. Jungle Boys sends Adam Cole to the ring post. Christian Cage wants Jungle Boy to give Cole a con-chair-to who is busted open and bleeding badly from the head. Both teams are exchanging super kicks. Adam Cole is then sent through a table Matt Jackson goes an elbow from the top rope onto Luchasauris on a table. Christian Cage and Nick Jackson are fighting in the upper level of the arena. Christian is on the 100 foot level and leaps down on Nick Jackson onto the next level. As Christian and Nick come back down, Nick sends Christian over the steel steps. The match continues to have action all over the place and is very fast paced. The bucks have a bag of thumb tax as they put the thumb tax is Jungle Boy’s mouth as he is held by Adam Cole – the Bucks kick Jungle Boy in the face. Christian Cage comes into break up the three count. A ladder is now brought into the ring as the crowd chants this awesome. Christian fights off the Bucks and Adam Cole with a trash can. Nick Jackson suplexes Christian on the ladder. Luchasauris is back in the ring and attempts to fight off the Superkliq. As Luchasauris goes for a three count, he is hit in the head by a trash can. Luchasauris is not phased by kicks or trash can blows to the head. Matt Jackson attempts to leave on the ramp, as Jungle Boy comes out nowhere to puy Matt in the snare trap, but its broken up by Cole. All men are fighting on the ramp entrance area. As Christian goes for a spear, he is superkicked by Nick Jackson. Adam Cole is climbing the truss and hits Jungle Boy with a Panama Sunrise. He goes for a pin but its broken up by Luchasauris. Nick Jackson is bleeding from the head. Adam Cole pulls out a thumb tac knee pad, which Matt Jackson puts on. The Bucks and Cole do a BTE trigger on Luchasauris, then goes for the pin, but Jungle Boy breaks it up, as the fans chant AEW. Jungle Boys tries to fight all three men. Christian Cage spears Matt Jackson. Luchasaursis then throws Adam Cole off the stage, followed by a shooting star press off the stage onto the Bucks and Cole as the crowd goes crazy. Christian Cage has Matt Jackson is sandwiched with a chair as Jungle Boy does a con-chair-to on Matt Jackson. Jungle Boy then goes for cover and gets the win. Gabby is going nuts by the way in both excitement and surprise.

Winners by pinfall – Christian Cage and Jurassic Express

PAC and Cody Rhodes vs. Malakai Black and Andrade El Idolo

Andrade and PAC start off with what should be a crazy match. Cody tags himself in. Now as Cody is close to the ropes, PAC tags himself back in. Andrade and PAC exchange blows. PAC and Andrade go back and forth on the offense. Malakai Black is now tagged in and PAC and Black go back and forth on the offense. As PAC goes to the his corner, Cody tags himself in to go after Black, who is then tagged in by Andrade. Cody and Andrade are on the ring apron as they exchange blows. Cody comes back with a powerslam on Andrade as the fans boo Cody. PAC does another blind tag and comes in. Andrade then tags in Malakai Black. After some offense, Black tags in Andrade. Outside the ring Arn Anderson takes down Jose with blows to the face. Arn and Jose head to the back. Andrade tags in Black. This match is a challenge to recap as the action is wild and all over the place, which is a typical AEW tag team match. Black takes down PAC and then picks him up for a slam. Both PAC and Black are down as the ref begins to count. Cody is still on the outside as PAC was looking for a tag. Andrade DDT’s PAC on the apron. Black then blinds tags himself in. PAC counters offense from Black with a kick. Both men are down. Cody is back on the rope and is trying to get a tag. Black tags in Andrade and PAC tags in Cody as the fans boo. Cody is on the offense. Cody gives Andrade a reverse suplex off the top rope. Cody goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Cody takes out Black on the outside as the fans still boo him. Cody goes back in the ring and puts a figure four on Andrade. PAC blinds tags himself in. Climbs the top rope and hits a 450 splash on Andrade, goes for a three count, but only gets a two count. Cody is on the outside of the ring. As PAC attempts to hit Black with running through the ropes, he hits Cody instead. Black takes out PAC, goes for the pin, but Cody breaks it up. Cody and Black on the outside spill into the front row. Andreade is down in the ring. PAC hits the black arrow on Andrade for the win. Cash Wheeler comes in and takes out PAC. FTR also takes out Cody on the outside.

Winners by pinfall – PAC and Cody Rhodes

AEW Women’s World Championship Match: Britt Baker (c) defends against Tay Conti

Britt goes for a quick roll up, but only gets a one count. Britt has Tay in an arm lock, and bring down Tay for a quick roll up, but only gets a two count. The crowd stars chanting DMD. Tay is back on the offense. Britt takes down Tay and tries to go for a lock jaw, but Tay breaks out. Things turn into a bit of a shoving match. Tay is on the rope, but Tay is brought back into the ring as Britt hits Tay with a butterfly suplex. Britt hits Tay with knee shots to the face. Britt tries to go for a lock jaw but Tay breaks out of it and hits Britt’s bad wrist that is in the cast. Britt is in the corner and Tay hits Britt with several kicks to the face. Tay goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. As Tay climbs the top rope, Britt does a neck breaker on Tay from the first rope. Britt stomps Tay in the back of the head. Rebel pulls out the glove and hands it to Britt. Tay, out of nowhere gives Baker a stunner, goes for a pin, but only gets a two count. Rebel and Jamie Hayter try to distract Tay. Britt picks up Tay for a crazy drop on Tay’s head on the ring apron. Britt goes for a pin, but only gets a two. Britt puts Tay in a backslide for a pin, but only gets a two count. Britt comes up, as Tay hits a Tay KO, goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Tay hits Britt with a pile driver on Britt, but only gets a two count. Tay is distracted and taken out by Rebel and Jamie Hayter. Britt stomps Tay several times, goes for a pin, but Tay kicks out. Tay climbs the rope as Britt is on the outside. Tay moonsaults Rebel and Jamie Hayter as Britt moves out of the way. Both women are back in the ring. Tay gives Britt a DDT and goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Tay kicks Britt several times. Britt counters with the lock jaw and pins Tay.

Winner and still AEW Women’s World Champion – Britt Baker

CM Punk vs. Eddie Kingston

Before the match started, Kingston punched out Punk and the crowd chants Eddie. Bell rings and both men are on the outside. Kingston bites Punk. The crowd chants Eddie Kingston/CM Punk. Back in the ring, Punk gives shots to Kingston. Kingston comes back and the crowd begins to chant Eddie. Punk comes off the middle rope with offense as the Minneapolis crowd boos Punk. Punk kicks Eddie in the chest, but Eddie pokes Punk in the eyes. Punk is busted open as both men are on the outside of the ring. Both men are now back in the ring with dual chants of Eddie Kingston/CM Punk. Punk takes out Kingston as he is down. The Crowd boos CM Punk he continues on the offense. The crowd tonight is really behind Eddie Kingston. Punk hits Kingston with suplexes. Punk heads up to the top rope. Kingston is on the top rope and punches CM Punk repeatedly. Kingston superplexes Punk off the top rope. Both men are down, but get back up and exchange blows back and forth. Punk hits the GTS on Kingston, but can get the pin. Punk comes back with repeated shots and hits the GTS and gets the win. Punk puts out his hand to shake Kingston’s. Kingston walks off.

Winner by pinfall – CM Punk

Minneapolis Street Fight: The Inner Circle vs. Men of the Year and American Top Team

Scorpio Sky and Sammy Guevara start off. Sky is taken off his feet by a corkscrew drop kick. Santana and Ortiz are in the ring double teaming Sky. Jake Hager blind tags himself in. Chris Jericho is then tagged in and his exchanging blows with Do Santos of American Top Team. He Jackknife powerbombs Jericho. He goes for a three count, but Jericho kicks out at two. Dan Lambert is in and starts slapping Jericho in the face. Jericho comes back and all the men are in the ring. Inner Circle clears the ring except for Dan Lambert who runs out of ring. Inner Circle get met with hockey sticks from Ethan Page on the outside of the ring. Jake Hager climbs the rope and dives onto Men of the Year and American Top Team. Dan Lambert has a pipe. The action is on the outside of the ring. The action is all over the place on the outside of the ring. Jericho pulls out a giant Prince Symbol made of wood and hits Sky with it and the Minneapolis crowd breaks out in a short Purple Rain chant.

AEW World Championship Match: Kenny Omega (c) defends against “Hangman” Adam Page

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