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AEW Dynamite: Chris Jericho’s Ultimatum for The Inner Circle


AEW Dynamite: Chris Jericho’s Ultimatum for The Inner Circle

This week on AEW Dynamite, there was an in-ring segment with The Inner Circle. Last week, Jericho gave them an Ultimatum to patch things up or the group will disband. Santana was not there because of personal issues. The storyline explanation from Jericho was that Santana chose not to show up because he was so pissed off at the dissension within the group.

MJF said he loves everyone in the group like brothers but he admitted that people on social media feel that he wants to break up and take over the group but that is not the case and he just wanted to create bonds that would never be broken. Sammy Guevara was not buying what MJF was saying and Jericho said he saw MJF with a towel in his hand last week.

Ortiz acknowledged that MJF and Wardlow are beneficial to the group but he’s not sure about MJF as a human being but “you’re growing on me like a fungus but you’re growing on me.” Ortiz then convinced Guevara to shake MJF’s hand.

Guevara agreed to shake MJF’s hand but he said if anything shady happens, then he will quit the Inner Circle. There was one more thing to resolve. Jake Hager and Wardlow both wondered why they were both staring at each other every week. At Jericho’s request, they agreed to stop staring at each other.

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